Multifunctional transportable professional kitchen bongos comby

Comby mobile kitchen


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Multifunctional transportable professional kitchen

PROFESSIONAL transportable KITCHEN that offers the possibility of being equipped with various solutions. The two side rooms have the function of a gas cylinder and a pantry. Four pivoting wheels, two of which with brakes make COMBY easily transportable. Predisposition for fixed water (loading and unloading), electric and gas connections.

Product details

The COMBY can mount all the tops of the 600mm series on the market, namely:

FRYER gas or electric power supply PASTA COOKER gas or electric supply
FRY TOP gas or electric supply
LAVA STONE gas or electric feeding BATH MARIE gas or electric supply
KITCHEN WITH 2 OR 4 BURNS gas or electric supply

In evidence

Transportable with wheels


Easy to clean

Cook whatever you want

Numerous accessories

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